About Us

With over 25 years’ experience in providing high quality care services; our priority is the care and well-being of everyone we look after. 

From our offices in Rickmansworth, we deliver compassionate, professional, person centered home care services across West Hertfordshire supported by our strong team of compassionate, empathetic and professional carers.

 We pride ourselves on providing a compassionate, person centered home care service


About Us

AccuroCare is an independent, local Home Care Agency established in 2008 in Hillingdon, and working in Hertfordshire since October 2013. We are registered and regulated by CQC and following a recent inspection we were awarded GOOD showing that our service is safe, effective, caring, responsive and well-led. Click here to view the full report.

Through regular surveys, visits from the management team and input from our carers, we maintain regular contact with our Service Users and their families to ensure the standard and level of care provided meets their needs.



 High quality, innovative care must be at the heart of our services

We are committed to providing high quality, personalised home care and support services to our Service Users which enables them to lead an independent lifestyle whilst continuing to live in the comfort and familiarity of their own home. Through providing a comprehensive home care service, all the year round, we keep your well-being our highest priority.


Our service aims are:

  • To support people in their own homes whilst respecting independent lifestyle choices.
  • To work in partnership with Service Users, their families or advocates as well as the multi-professional team to ensure the appropriate type and level of care is delivered at all times.
  • To deliver high quality care which meets the standards of our company and the requirements of the Care Quality Commission


AccuroCare Carer Spending time with a Service User

AccuroCare Carer Spending time with a Service User


Our objectives are:

  • To provide care services which meet individual needs identified and assessed as part of a thorough a person centred careplanning and assessment process.
  • To maintain and review the standards of care being delivered and the suitability of the care
    plans over time.
  • To ensure all of our staff are trained to a standard of expertise which will enable them to meet the needs of every ServiceUser.
  • To recognise the diverse needs of our Service Users, be they religious, cultural or otherwise and tailor
    the service we provide accordingly.


Meet the Team ….

Matthew Nutt – Director of Operations, Ensemble Healthcare Ltd.


Christine Wheatley – Registered Homecare Services Manager


Kate Williamson – Operations & Marketing Manager


Lyn Devein – Quality & Compliance Officer


Jack Clancy – Finance and Payroll Officer


Bonita Rolfe – Workforce Development & Training Officer


Carol Neale – HR & Administration Officer


“Thank you for the care you gave my husband”

“Thank you all for the lovely lunch, bingo and the dancing! It was nice meeting you all.”

“Thank you for all that you do, it means so much to us”