Home Care Services

Everyone in our care is treated with dignity and respect. Our carers provide the reassurance and support you need to remain in the comfort and familiarity of your own home for as long as possible.

From offices in Rickmansworth, our Home Care Services team manage, co-ordinate and deliver support at home to people living in Rickmansworth, Croxley Green, Chorleywood, Watford and surrounding areas.

AccuroCare utilise an Electronic Call Monitoring system to schedule, assign and track care calls providing Service Users and their families the reassurance that all care calls are monitored. We can look back (or forward) to show whether a call has been completed, by whom, when and for what duration.

care iage

Personal care hygiene, including support and management.

Reablement and confidence building


image for medication management

Medication management and support.

Approach to care

Everyone at AccuroCare is committed to providing safe, high quality care to all our Service Users. Our aim is to support individuals who want to continue living as independently as possible in the comfort and familiarity of their own home. We encourage our carers to treat all Service Users with respect, dignity, empathy and understanding.


Assessment process

  A detailed assessment to ensure the right package of care to meet individual needs

Following the initial request for care, our Registered Manager visits each new Service User to discuss their specific needs. During this visit, we discuss and agree the level of care, the range of duties provided, and the frequency required. Once the Assessment visit has been completed, a personalised Care Plan is created outlining the care services to be performed. This is agreed with the Service User and their family (where appropriate) and a copy is left in the home together with a Communication Book.

The Care Plan is used by the carers as a reference of the activities to be carried out during each care visit and any other relevant information on that Service User. The Communication Book is completed by the carers at each visit to record the tasks carried out.


Care choices

People may need extra help in the home on a temporary basis following, for example, a stay in hospital, or to provide respite for the main carer. Families may turn to home care for help with elderly relatives who need more long term help, for example with personal care, washing, dressing, medication management.

AccuroCare have the flexibility to provide home care services a few times a week, every day, or several times a day. We work with the individual and their families to put in place the right frequency of care.


AccuroCare provides Home Care services to both private and council referred customers. Service Users may be referred to us through social services and are allocated a certain number of hours of care per week. A care company is appointed through social services to provide that care and the care provider is paid by the relevant local council, with no further cost to the individual. In addition, the Service User has the option to choose the care provider by going through Direct Payments.

Extra Care – In some cases, the family or Service User may wish to increase the frequency of care in which case this can be agreed with us and a “top up payment” made direct to AccuroCare.

Direct Payments – In some cases the customer or the family may be unhappy with the care provider they have been given by social services; or they may wish to have more control over their care provision. In these situations, the Service User (or representative) needs to contact their local council and opt for direct payments. Further information is available on https://www.gov.uk/apply-direct-payments or through Hertfordshire County Council: http://www.hertsdirect.org/services/healthsoc/supportforadults/moneymatters/ncochp/ndp/.

Private – Customers can also contact AccuroCare directly or through a brokerage agency for information about receiving Home Care privately. Once an assessment has been completed we create a package of care (including timings and frequency of visits). This is sent to the family or customer directly together with a contract, terms and conditions and the costs. Click here to request information on our current rates. Once everything is agreed and care starts, invoices are created at the start of each month and include the actual care provided during the previous month. Payment is expected within 14 days of the date of invoice and we are able to accept cash, cheque or BACS payment.


AccuroCare is committed to ensuring we deliver the highest quality of care possible to all our Service Users. In order to achieve this and meet our regulatory obligations, we have a Quality Assurance System in place which outlines our approach to delivering a quality service.


How to we maintain Quality?

  • We regularly monitor the quality of home care services received through quality surveys, Service User visits and input from our carers
  • Before we begin a package of care, and throughout the service provision, we identify, monitor and manage risks to those we care for and the carers who work with us through our detailed risk assessment process
  • Where necessary and appropriate, we get advice from other healthcare professionals to ensure the home care service is delivered safely and to the right standards
  • Through regular meetings with the carers and the senior staff, we continually look for ways to improve the care experienced by Service Users
  • We have an “open door” policy with all our staff which ensures we are quickly aware of any issues or concerns either with other carers or Service Users
  • When we receive comments or complaints about our service delivery or standards of care, we follow a rigorous process to ensure there are investigations, records completed and improvements (or changes) made where appropriate

We believe that true quality improvement happens as a result of the combined efforts and understanding of management and staff identifying and implementing improvement opportunities. We maintain regular contact with our Service Users and their families to ensure the standard and level of care provided meets their needs.